Hilo OPTS Case Study

Paper details:

Please read and answer the questions below while using the case study PDF document uploaded. I will also include the textbook link as well just in case you need it. Thank you
Textbook link: https://redshelf.com/accounts/login/?next=/library/

We have considered the case in a recent discussion, so here’s the place to comment or add information or perceptions.

Let’s talk about the case. I’ll start:

Consider the fact that their vendors/partners probably have more sophisticated information systems.

When Hilo OPTS intends to make better use of technology, what does this mean for Hilo OPTS change and due diligence processes?

What considerations does Hilo OPTS need to take to make sure their new technology is compatible with their suppliers, vendors, and customers?

How will this change the company culture and the way they handle their vendors and suppliers?

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