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Hills Like White Elephants Analysis on How to Write Fiction

Part 1

Ernest Hemingway is among one of the 20th-century authors whose prose style was influential. The writer’s top stories are masterpieces in the current generation. However, such proficiency was not just earned overnight; Ernest worked hard day in day out to write scripts that moved him. And although he never left behind a guidebook on how to write fiction, he was noble enough to leave memorable passages in novels, articles, and letters which advise how to write. From these materials, Larry Phillips has assembled some of the best advice and opinion into a book called Ernest Hemingway on Writing (Springer). 

Out of these quotations, the top seven are:

1: Kick start by writing one true sentence.

2: Always call it a day while you still have an idea of what will happen next.

3: Do not think of the story if you are not writing.

4: When it is time to write again, at all times, begin with reading what is already written.

5: Create emotions instead of describing them. 

6: Use a pencil.

7. Get to the point

When working on a research paper the “Hills Like White Elephants” by Hemingway, almost all the above seven tips come in handy. For instance, being brief would help in saving time for readers and avoid boredom. Also, emulating the skill of making emotion is essential as it implies that one’s work is captivating. 

According to Ernest’s work, when one is writing, they should reread what they had initially noted down before taking a break. Last but not least, begin the research with the most accurate sentence, such as, “Love is a game of giving and take.”

Part 2

Before reading the Hills Like White Elephants, based on the topic, one cannot be sure of what the story is about though it sounds metaphoric. One would expect the reading to be fascinating as they get to understand the reasoning behind the title. From the topic, one can be sure that the book is a fictional story. Considering the praise given to the author, one can forecast that the story will showcase exceptional writing skills and creativity.

As one reads, the short story question that pops up in the head is like where the characters involved came from and their relation. The phrases and words used are family and can be easily understood by any reader. The setting of the work is in a train station where the characters seem to be waiting for a train to board definitely to go home. Hills Like White Elephants can be said to be of the drama genre because it revolves around realistic personas who have to sort out real emotional struggles. The work reminds a reader of how many couples are; they differ in opinion, argue, and still find a way to cope with each other. The American behaves how a majority of men in the society do when it comes to the convincing opposite sex to do what favors them.

The main point of the work can be identified after keenly reading the story a couple of times. The fundamental concept in the novel is abortion, but surprisingly throughout the book, there is no mentioning of the term. Abortion is a universal theme as people have had to deal with it since time immemorial. The author’s purpose is not only to capture the attention of his audience but also to make them a part of the story and get them thinking (Eric Bennett 551). Evidence supporting this is him not describing emotions that are there and not mentioning the word abortion which is the central concept of the work.

Part 3

Ernest Hemingway is a well-renowned author for writing fiction. He is a decorated writer, having won the Nobel Award for Literature in the 1950s, among other prominent prizes. He authored other novels include “A Farewell to Arms” and “The Sun Also Rises.” An in-depth understanding of the author’s life might shed some light on what inspired him to write a story like the “Hills Like White Elephants.”

  • He was born in the 1890s, in Cicero where he served in the First World War before venturing into journalism (Young). As a journalist, he must have reported on many incidences of abortion.
  • Hemingway published his first work at seventeen years, which demonstrating his intelligence and passion for writing early.  
  • Ernest was once engaged to a nurse named Agnes von Kurowsky, who left him for another man. 
  • He got married to Hadley Richardson, with whom he moved to Paris, where he worked for the Star.
  • Ernest had one child with his wife, after which their marriage deteriorated, and they divorced. The writer married Gellhorn soon after the divorce.
  • Although he was primarily based in Paris, Ernest traveled widely to various parts of the world to quench his thirst for adventure.

The author’s interaction with people from various destinations of the globe helped inspire some of the ideas he wrote in his stories.

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