HFS 388: Human Sexuality

Writing Assignment # 1

Writing Proposal and References

Worth: 25 Points

  1. Students will write a proposal for their final writing assignment. Double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins. The proposal will consist of an abstract/short intro (1-2 pages) describing the broad topic that they will be focusing on in their final paper and the importance of this topic. This means that students will answer the following question in 1-2 pages:
    1. What is the broad human sexuality topic that you want to focus on, and what specific aspects of this topic do you think are important to focus on and why?
  2. In addition to these 1-2 pages, students will also choose at least 5 references from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. You will list these references in APA format and summarize the information in each journal article by answering the following questions listed below. This means that students will list the title of the first journal article (in APA format) and then answer these questions. Then list the title of the second journal article (in APA format) and answer these questions. And so on and so forth for all five articles.
    1. What are the main research questions addressed in the study?
    1. What is the sample for this study (e.g., gender, age, race/ethnicity, number of participants)? How was this sample recruited?
    1. What are the main research findings of the study?
    1. What are some implications of this study described by the authors?
    1. Can you think of any potential limitations of this study? Are there questions you think should be a next step in future research on this topic?

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