Paper details:

Chemical formula and biological effect of heroin on adolescent and adults

Format: Each assignment submission should be 350 (minimum) words in length for the body text. No special formatting, such as MLA, is required. Just make your paper easy to read and follow. Assignments should be saved as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. No other file types will be accepted unless preapproved.

Discussion: The discussion should include specific chemistry-related details of the topic to demonstrate understanding of the relationship between material from course lecture and real-world applications. In addition, you may discuss why this topic was interesting to you, what you learned and how this topic may apply to your career choice. Any structures, reactions or figures should not be included in the body of the paper but should be attached at the end of the document and not included in your word count. Discussion throughout the text should refer to your figures. Figures copied from internet sources should be properly labeled as such.

Sources: A Works-Cited page should be included at the end of your submission and not included in your text word count, above. You should use at least 2 individual, credible internet sources. You may also refer to your textbook or other sources in addition to your 2 internet sources. Include a hyperlink (webpage) to your internet sources and the dates you accessed the sites. Example credible websites are available on Moodle but the list is not all-inclusive. Feel free use additional sources.

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