Healthcare Staffing Shortages

  • Subject: Nursing
  • Topic: Healthcare Staffing Shortages
  • Number of problems: 1 problem(s)
  • Number of source/references: 4
  • Extra features: 

Order instructions:Guidelines for Poster Presentation:
Poster Presentation: You will use a poster presentation template to create a professional poster such as you would see at a nursing or other professional conference that will be 48” long by 36” tall
You will include:
Title of your project, name and affiliation (APU/AMU)
Identification of clinical practice problem/issues (include the PICO Question of interest if utilized or clinical problem).
Summary of evidence (literature review). Emphasis should be on evidence demonstrating how to improve practice to address the problem/issue.
Evidence based solution implemented to resolve problem/issue. Include project aim and related measurable objectives.
Describe project plan.
Discuss outcomes including implications of change/s to practice resulting from project implementation.
Visuals images to enhance your presentation

I will be adding an audio component once this completed. I also have to create a 300 word discussion prompt for my class based off this poster. Please provide me with any notes that you think may be helpful to this process.

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