Health Sector Operations Management (MBA) – Report

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Health Sector Operations Management (MBA) – Report
Full details about the report requirements are in the attached word file (Name: Assignment requirements)

§ Paper Size : A4
§ Word Count : 4000 words
§ Printing Margins : LHS; RHS: 1 Inch
§ Binding Margin : ½ Inch
§ Header and Footer : 1 Inch
§ Printing : Single Sided
§ Basic Font Size : 12
§ Font Style : Arial/Times New Roman
§ Presentation : Bound Document

Learning outcomes Covered
LO 1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of common terminology, concepts, and practices in various healthcare delivery environments.
LO 2: Critically evaluate commonly recognized problems with healthcare delivery systems and develop ways to design, organise and manage them.
LO 3: Demonstrate critical understanding and the ability to evaluate key measures used to assess healthcare systems and process performance
LO 4: Critically adapt selected Lean tools for analysing and improving healthcare processes.

Assignment brief
Managing operations of a healthcare organization is quite challenging. COVID 19 pandemic resulted a substantial increase for the demand for healthcare services. Economic downturn, disruptions to routine activities and uncertainties are posing healthcare managers to be vigilant in managing operations.


1. a) Describe any preferred process of your organization in detail. You may use diagrams and/or flow charts.
b) Explain the demand the selected process may have in future based on past records and future needs by clearly indicating your assumptions. Describe the available time and the cycle time. Determine the work content and time required with adequate explanations. Suggest the capacity required to meet the anticipated demand in terms of human resources. (Suggested word count for both 3. a) and 3. b) is 1,000).

2. Green practices are popular among organizations including healthcare firms. Some of the green practices pertaining to operations and supply chain management include green sourcing, green manufacturing, green design, green packaging, green logistics and reverse logistics. Explain how the above green practices can be implemented in healthcare organizations by giving examples. (Suggested word count – 1000 words).

3. Assume that you work as the Procurement Manager in a healthcare organization. List 10 factors you need to consider in placing orders for new consignments of medicines and various consumables required by the organization such as seasonality, packaging and re-order level. Briefly describe each factor preferably with an example/ examples and describe how lean management practices can address those factors. (Suggested word count – 100 words).

4. Analyze the operational risks faced by a healthcare organization of your choice. Describe the risks using the risk matrix. You should explain risks both in terms of probability and impact. Suggest appropriate strategies to mitigate the identified risks. (Suggested word count – 1000).

Assessment Criteria
1.a) Excellent explanation of a selected process of an organization/ward/department, using diagrams/flow charts. 10 marks.
1.b) Accurate forecasting of demand with adequate justifications and reasonable assumptions, Accurate calculation of work content, cycle time, and capacity required using proper assumptions/justifications.15 marks. Question 1.a) and 1.b) cover LO1 & LO2.
2. Excellent explanation of how green practices can be implemented in healthcare organizations by giving adequate examples. – 25 marks. This question covers LO 2, and LO3.
3. Excellent identification of 10 factors used by a procurement manager in placing new orders and explain with examples as to how they are linked to lean management practices. 25 marks. This question covers LO2, LO3 & LO4.
4. Excellent explanation of operational risks faced by a healthcare organization by giving adequate examples and suggestions to mitigate those risks. – 25 marks. This question covers LO 2, and LO3.
Very important
The students are expected to maintain the academic rigor of the report by providing in-text citations and references. Please ensure that you use a minimum of 20 sources from academic journals, required reading, and recommended reading given in the module Specification section of the student handbook.
§ All sources of information must be referenced using “Harvard referencing” where a reference listing should be included at the end of the assignment.
§ Please include the assignment cover sheet and feedback sheet in your softcopy of the assignment. Please avoid copying assignment questions in your answer file.

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