health overview assignment

Paper details:

Answer the following essay questions. Be sure to make it clear you have read the materials. Spend time explaining your responses (when appropriate, which is usually almost always).

1. Based on the Courtenay readings, what are some of the major health issues facing American men?

2. D. Filc’s article “The medical text: between biomedicine and hegemony” is a theoretical argument about biomedical understandings of health and disease. What is a “biomedical” approach? Why might biomedical approaches miss the important role played by gender construction in health and disease?

3. From Borrell et al. (2013) “Racial discrimination racial ethnic segregation and health behaviors in the CARDIA study”, discuss how minority men face unique challenges to their health. How are these health challenges related to masculinities?

4. In Chapters 3 & 4 in Will Courtenay’s Dying to be Men, the authors discuss the many reasons for why men die quicker than women. Provide at least two examples discussed in these chapters for why women may live longer than men. You may focus on physical, mental, and social health, or all three. Remember, there are a lot of points riding on this question, so be thorough! And be very, very clear in your response that you have read the chapters.

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