health issues in urban communities

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Order instructions:The Final Project will be to create a mini CAM-Journal/Magazine for the urban environment that provides articles, research, and information about complementary and alternative medical options for the urban population’s health challenges. Focus your research on illnesses or conditions that are exceptionally elevated in the urban communities as compared to the rest of the country. The research you will provide in your mini CAM-Journal/Magazine will identify the problems, as well as, inform the reader on alternative medical approaches. Additionally, the information provided should help them deal with the problems, decrease incidences, and improve the community health situation through the public health system.Using the Online Library resources available at EU and the links below identify at least 10 peer reviewed journals/articles/studies that are dealing with and reporting on health issues in urban communities that can be helped by using complementary/alternative health methods. Use these links as well as part of your research: and National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health (NCCIH) and NCCIH Strategic Plan FY 2021 – 2025
List them in APA Bibliography Style ( http://www. apa ).

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