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Using the attached Assignment #5 – Results (TEMPLATE), provide the results of your proposed research study. In this section of your study, you will include the following information:
Introduction (describes all methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the data and then presents the following sub-sections)
Data Collection Procedures (describe the methods and procedures for collecting the data including, if necessary, informed consent protocols for human participants and field tests preliminary to conducting the study)
Data Analysis and Results (For qualitative studies (which will have no hypotheses), discuss:
the type(s) of data obtained
how the data will be prepared for analysis
how the data will be coded
how the data will be initially analyzed (e.g., methodological approach [case study, grounded theory, etc.]).
For quantitative studies (which contain hypotheses):
Decide on the type of data involved in each statistic and correlation
Determine the descriiptive statistics required or desired, including both descriiptive statistics and summaries (diagrams, histograms, etc.)
Determine the sequence of methods for the desired analysis; and
Describe how each step will be carried out)
Remember to cite/reference all outside works in proper APA style (6th edition).
Attached is an example of a completed Results section from a previous student’s capstone project.

Can you discuss types of treatments for mental health you have not discussed treatment at all in the other papers. And when you do reference page can you just do a reference page with all the references that you used throughout the work.Put all the references together on one page.

uploaded example and the template.

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