Health Care Delivery Paper

The paper should be 8-10 pages in length, not including title page, references, or appendices, and should follow the scholarly writing guidelines outlined in the current edition of the Publication Manual of the APA.

The Health Care Delivery Paper should contain the following elements:

1. Executive summary. (one page) The executive summary should provide a short synopsis of the main issues discussed in the paper.

2. Introduce the issue. Provide a desсrіption of a health care delivery topic and the issue it represents in our current delivery system. The purpose of this section is to provide the reader with a short explanation of the significance of the topic.

3. Identify the problem. Discuss the context of the health care delivery topic and provide background information about its development; discuss the research behind the problem; discuss the severity of the problem. This section will further support the significance of the topic. This section should include relevant statistics and supporting details.

4. Significance to the healthcare industry. Summarize the significance of this issue to the healthcare industry, including any prior reform initiatives on this topic. Identify major stakeholders (two to three stakeholders and discuss stakeholder positions of the topic and how those perspectives are relevant. Discuss key factors that influence the current healthcare landscape.

5. Correlation/Synthesis. Correlate the identified problem to relevant healthcare principles and theories discussed throughout the course. Discuss the actions necessary to overcome/address the problem and identify two to three alternatives to the issue, evaluating each one individually. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option including cost and/or cost-benefit, timeliness, political feasibility, and targeted impact.

6. Recommendation/Conclusion. Select one of the options to recommend, state why this option was chosen, and identify any actions that may be taken to mitigate any negative points of the option. Conclude by briefly reiterating your recommendation and rationale. Outline a plan for adopting the recommendation and discuss the possible consequences of adopting your recommended changes.

7. References (8-10 references)

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