HEA 249 Discussion # 2


HEA 249 Discussion # 2

Paper details:

Please think of a recent behavior change that you have experienced (i.e., getting up earlier in the morning to prepare for class, quit smoking, new diet, stop taking selfies, begin exercising, reduction of time on Facebook or snapchat, etc.). From this experience, please identify the important factors that motivated you to change, your decision-making process, supports, and/or barriers to your successful behavior change. Then I would like for you to think about how you will go about providing/developing a health education workshop to discuss this behavior with individuals who want to make the same change as you.

When responding to your 2 classmates: Please respond with the following

A. Expand on your classmates development of the health education workshop. What other resources, activities, events would be of use/support to the members of the group?

B. Would you provide an incentive to the group members? What would it be ( ie move tickets, food, condoms, etc)- Be Creative!

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