Grant proposal


Grants can tempt investors to involve in projects blindly. Therefore, developing an elaborate mission and vision of the project before chasing money is essential in writing a winning grant. One should take time to strategically plan a project to clarify objectives, opportunities, and threats. The second step should be the performance of needs and strengths assessment to determine what works or does not in the community. The evaluation of a project’s needs and strengths enhances support with the beneficiaries and improves the validity and credibility of a grant proposal (Soundcloud, 2018).

           During the writing of a grant application, techniques should be employed to win grant agencies’ hearts. A grant proposal should strike funders’ hearts and compel them to find the need to support the project. To persuade donors, employ heavily packed words, and emphatically declare goals and objectives precisely (Browning, 2011). It is also necessary to draft a concept paper before writing a final proposal. The flexibility of the concept paper improves the chances of a successful grant and prepares the investor to achieve a fruitful project (Gitlin & Lyons, 2008).

           Grant proposal writing should convince grant providers to say yes to a project. The science of persuasion is necessary to convince grant agencies to fund a project. The project should offer an advantage to the community for it to win grants. The grant writing should display the uniqueness, presentability, public commitment, and conformity with society. Also, successful grant writing should seek genuine compliment agencies to enhance trust (Cialdini, 2012).

           Writing a fascinating statement that satisfies the requirements such as who, when, where, why, and how in the grant application, grantors are likely to provide money without doubts. It also familiarizes the grant agencies with the project’s setting and nature (Browning, 2011). A grant written with deep emotions from the heart draws attention to the grant providers and lures them into accepting the grant application. Grantors approve applications that are thoroughly researched and presented effectively.

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