Grammar teaching techniques for 1st graders

A language serves as a tool that makes it possible for people to communicate and share their feelings, thoughts or opinion. No language can be learned efficiently with having some basic knowledge on grammar structures and their roles in the language. Most students perceive grammar to be a sort of an exam that checks on tenses, plural and use of prepositions. 

However, this is not only the case as grammar is a vital segment of any language when it comes to teaching it (Sekelj & Rigo, 2009). So it may be considered as a science of language system or list of guidelines to be adhered to be in a better position to speak and write correctly.

Many techniques might be used in teaching grammar to first graders. For instance familiarizing them with how words are broken down into component sound (Scrivener, 2010). Such phonemic make it easy for, the children to be introduced to letters from where they will be able to construct words on their own. It is crucial that all those enrolled for first grade have a grip of these bases before formal spelling and reading is launched to them.

Another effective method of teaching grammar to kids is by introducing a new word to them and their definitions. However, it may be hard for them to grasp the new vocabularies they are taught (Patel & Jain, 2008). As a result to help foster the words in their brain for memorization they have to read aloud the word severally. In first grade children not only find this to be fun by they take it as a challenge and try to outdo each other in cramming the new word taught (Gwynne, 2014). Also reciting poem may also be used in teaching grammar to first graders.


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