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In 1928, CBS was established by William Paley when he purchased around 16 radio stations to christen CBS (Columbia Broadcast System). At present, CBS has around 200 TV stations and network affiliates that reach every home in the United States and has a growing presence throughout Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Central and South America. CBS Studios International is the international arm of CBS Television Network. It is the leading programming supplier to the international TV market, with licensing deals for above 200 international markets and 60 different languages throughout several media platforms. Through Studio, CBS Studios Intl. participates in several channel ventures internationally and comprises of around 18 channels running in 24 languages televised in more than 100 territories, with a reach of above 70 million households globally (CBS, 2016). CBS Studios Intl. operates as one of the CBS Corporation divisions, which has contributed significantly to the processes of globalization of entertainment and media industry.

Role of Globalization

CBS is one of the networks that have maximized the opportunities that come with a global market. Under the leadership of Leslie Moonves, CBS has maximized the potential of their network and affiliates. Throughout their international alliances and CBS Studio International, CBS can broadcast their content throughout the world and build their brand name. Globalization has also allowed CBS to telecast their shows globally at the same time and make their business truly international. Through syndication and re-telecast of their entertainment shows throughout the world, CBS has benefitted in making their brand popular throughout the world with a presence in the majority of the upcoming international markets. CBS network and their increasing number of affiliates and alliances have been a created on the basis of market environment developed by globalization.
Globalization has helped media networks such as CBS to widen their market and increase its revenue. Globalization opened several international markets for CBS network all over the world. The new markets brought increased revenue for the network and provided them the opportunity to develop more channels and content for different markets. With globalization CBS had the opportunity to develop their content in different languages, especially the highly profitable Hispanic market. CBS responded to the opportunities of globalization by opening CBS Studios Intl for international expansion with alliances and licensing deals. The CBS Studios Intl is responsible for distributing content through alliances and licensing deals. CBS Studios Intl exports a varied lineup of formats and content for local production all over the world. Simply put, Globalization has CBS Network an opportunity to expand their market and build their business and they have managed to take advantage of their opportunities.

Impact of Globalization on CBS

Global Growth
Over the past few decades, CBS Studios Intl. has continued their global expansion through their channel ventures. CBS Studios Intl. has established corporate and divisional offices in the burgeoning Asian market with offices in Tokyo, Beijing and Singapore. They are well positioned for taking advantage of opportunities in the Asian market. In addition, CBS Studios Intl. has also taken advantage of the great level of opportunities existent in the Hispanic market. CBS Studios Intl. is also using their content and producing it in different languages to penetrate the new markets with diversified products. CBS Studios Intl. has always been actively adjusting to the upcoming trends through their platform and channels. For example in the Asian market, high demand exists for multi-screen non-linear rights such as TV Everywhere and OTT and legitimate SVOD offerings (Contentasia, 2015).
Throughout the international market, CBS Studios Intl. is distributing programming from Showtime, CBS Television, CBS Films, CBS News, and affiliated sources others. CBS Studios Intl. has grown internationally by distributing their wide-ranging slate of critically acclaimed, top-rated programming covering all types of genres. Some of the programming assets distributed throughout the world include the NCIS and CSI franchises, Under the Dome, Elementary, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, Wheel of Fortune, Entertainment Tonight, Beauty and the Beast, Dr. Phil, Survivor, 60 Minutes, Two and a Half Men, Californication, Dexter, and many more. In addition, many of their works have been syndicated to the international market, showing their popularity and increased demand beyond the domestic market. Every day CBS Studios Intl. produced shows are shown all over the world in different languages; which has been made possible by the processes of globalization and opening up of several international markets (Contentasia, 2015).

International Ventures

CBS Studio Intl. has also grown through several international alliances and ventures in the most attractive and upcoming markets. CBS Studios Intl has identified and partnered with regional networks and business corporations to license their shows. In 2014, CBS agreed a licensing deal with AXN India to broadcast their shows in India and South-East Asia for multiple series (Frater, 2014). CBS Studios Intl also signed a multi-year licensing agreement PPTV, China’s video-streaming service. The agreement will allow exclusive streaming rights for CBS and its affiliate Showtime’s content in the most populous country in the world. Under the agreement, 400 million users of PPTV will watch hit CBS shows and the premium Showtime content. The PPTV streaming service also provides the exclusive rights to Chinese premieres of selected upcoming CBS’s new events and Showtime series (Spangler, 2015).
CBS has also been able to reach to potential customers in markets where their content is not yet licensed, through online video streaming websites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vine, etc. Through these sources, CBS content from their shows such as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or The Late Late Show with James Corden is easily accessible to customers all over the world. CBS maintains their content by continuously publishing videos of their shows allows viewers to like/unlike and comment on the videos. Use of these technologies and websites has been made possible by globalization and easy access of these websites to customers all over the world.


The CBS network has used globalization as the means of growth and increasing their presence in several international markets. Through Globalization and the use of CBS Studio Intl, the company has used licensing deals and international alliances to enter new markets. Globalization has helped the CBS network to start several regional and other language affiliates in the international market. Also, syndication and re-telecast of old shows and converting the same content in different languages has helped the company to penetrate different upcoming markets globally. The impact of globalization can be seen in the company’s international growth and collection of international ventures. CBS Studio Intl has also used technology and websites as the source of reaching out to a global audience, even in countries where CBS and its affiliates are not accessible.


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