Globalization and Social Change

Globalization and Social Change

Question 1

Weak or unstable states are taken to have less of a say in international affairs. Such nations are not given much credit by other democratic government as they deserve.  During international meetings or forums, it is likely to find that the unstable states are not invited and when presence they are assumed as though they do not count. Often when democratic nations meet in international forums their main focus is on how to help the weak states. There are various reasons behind this concern but the main one is because a country’s weakness is taken as an important issue in matters of international security.

One of the main reason as to why a nation’s failure or weakness is regarded as an issue in matters of international security is because such nations can offer refuge for terrorists. By a nation being weak it implies that it is less attentive on who or what enters and leaves her borders (Thakur, 2002). Terrorists take advantage of this and undertake their plans of terrorism without being monitored. As a result of this other governments find it of great the condition of unstable countries to be of significant in international security affairs.

Weak nations are easily abused by developed countries when it comes to trade and resources. It is likely that more than one developed country might be willing to do business with a weak less developed state. It is possible that the inferior country stands on grounds that it cannot make an independent decision of who its trade partner is. This leaves that task to the developed countries to decide. When negotiations are not arrived at through dialogue conflict may arise blowing into violence and war between nations.

According to the governments of most democracies in order to maintain international security, all countries must play a role.  Based on this notion working together is the key to maintaining peaceful co-existence. Regardless of how inferior, a state might seem it is still of great significance when it comes to the matter of security. Therefore even the unstable or weak states should be respected and their efforts appreciated just as much as other nations when it comes to matters of international security. A nation might be weak or unstable yet in its possession it has essential resources that it might trade with other nations. International trade not only  help in  building good relations between nations but it also make countries dependent on each other which  help maintain peace

Question 3

Between the mid of the nineteenth and twentieth century, there were many inventions that have played a role in shaping the present state of the world. Some of the exceptional inventions made between these dates include radios, colored television sets, and mobile phones. Mobile phones were first invented in the 1940’s and since then it has had a great impact on the activities of man (Thompson, 2005). Mobile phones made communication between people much easier and efficient in comparison to prior means of communication.

With the presence of a channel of communication that was not slowed down by distance businesses were able to grow and expand the customer base. If it were not for mobile phones it would have been extremely hard for globalization to take on its course. Phones make it easy for sellers to explain to potential buyers how their goods are used, without the two having to be together physically. This led to firms expanding their target region of customers and within no time most companies became global. It is because of the invention of mobile phones that people in the modern world are able to import sophisticated machinery without the fear of not knowing how to operate them.

Other that shaping the current globalization the invention of mobile phones also created more job opportunities. Initially, it was hard to inform a distant relative of a job vacancy when it availed itself. Moreover, people found working far from their family to be a barrier to accepting a far away job regardless of whether it had a high pay. But this was changed when cell phones came into the picture. With the advancement in technology, more and more new mobile phones have to be made every now and then. These gadgets require human labor in assembling and their marketing, which is a source of employment. Therefore the existence of phone itself has created jobs for most people.

Despite all the positive impact associated with the use of cell phones, unfortunately, they have shortcomings. For instance, they have led to an increase in rates of fraud and crime. Most people are conned and robbed through phone calls.  A lot of costs is also incurred in the buying of mobile phones and purchasing airtime. Although these expenses might seem negligible they are might be extremely high when not monitored. Phones call are monitored by network providers, this is an invasion of privacy. There is no way that people can pass confidential information with the assurance that unauthorized individuals will not have access to it. This is a negative impact of the use of cell phones on modern globalization.


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