Global economics essay

Main purpose of writing the paper is to explain specific topic from the class and test any country’s experience for your theoretical argument. For example this can be testing the experience of Kenya for Heckscher-Ohlin model or Intra-Industry Trade scenario in S. Korea or say Gravity model as applied to Mexico’s trade. Topics that we shall cover in this class are nicely listed on page 3 of syllabus handout, so choose any of those. Paper length required is 10- 12 page double spaced 12 font, there is no upper limit -Page 1- Title Page (name, class #, course) -Page 2- Abstract (About 200 Words) ½-¾ of a page- explain your paper in an abstract -Page 3- Title of the paper then introduction- explain what you’re trying to do (No more than 2 pages) -Page 4 or 5- Section 1- Literature Survey ( is an excellent source but online search is encouraged. Use 8-10 studies for your topic to support or against (4-5 pages) -Section 2- Empirical Section Choose country and their experience with your topic You can do this by tables, charts, data summary etc Then use the test of your hypothesis and find out if trade (of the chosen country) is consistent with your theoretical hypothesis or not. (4-5 pages) -Section 3- Summary and Conclusion (1 page) -Bibliography should be very last page (any citation style you choose is fine, but be consistent) Note: find similar paper attached bellow. Please chose country and theory you feel more comfortable with.

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