Paper details:This assignment asks you to develop your own family genogram including 3 generations. This can be completed using pen and paper, computer, or any other format. Ensure the final document is neat and clearly presented. Scan your completed profile into canvas. Review the follow journal article Family genograms.pdf Download Family genograms.pdf and chapters 1 & 2 [copied below] from Genograms: Assessment and Treatment (McGoldrick, Gerson and Petry, 2020).

Genograms Chp1.pdf Download Genograms Chp1.pdf

Genograms Chp2.pdf Download Genograms Chp2.pdf

There are many different ways to use a genogram, as well as various ways to create this document. Often, it is used in family therapy to provide a framework which enables the therapist to develop a system of a large amount of data, ranging from general information to more complex information in advanced family study. It enables the therapist and family members to visualize themselves as individuals within a unit (nuclear family) interrelated to other units within the family system. It can also be used during individual sessions and the initial evaluation to clarify the family system and the individual’s place within the family unit.

Facts to be recorded on the genogram:

1. First names, nicknames, family titles for each person.

2. Begin with nuclear family. Place paternal lines on left, maternal on right. Place siblings in order of birth from left to right. Include abortions, still-births and pregnancies.

3. Dates of births, deaths, severe illnesses, hospitalizations, marriages, separations, divorces, moves, promotions, retirement, children leaving home, graduations. (i.e. significant life events)

4. Physical locations and occupations.

5. Frequency of contact between various members, including type(s) of contact (mail, email, phone, visits, social media, etc).

6. Closest relationship on each generational level.

8. If there was a change in frequency and quality of contact between significant family members (emotional cut-off), what was the event? When did it happen? What other significant events happened, for example, the year following cut-off?

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