Gender discrimination in sports


Gender discrimination in sports

Paper details:

Statement of Intent: Throughout our semester, we have focused on the topic of gender. Fairly related to gender, discrimination is something that commonly takes place and even hand to hand with gender. Taking this into consideration, we are currently in the 2020 Olympics, gender discrimination is a serious case and even in sports. The topic of Gender discrimination in sports will thoroughly explain the background and cause for this. It will also cover the stance that athletes and viewers are currently taking on this matter.
• 5 to 6 sources
• You must provide sources from a variety of media.
• As many as five of the six sources can come from periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.).
• It will be necessary for you to obtain full text versions of your resources, review them and then summarize them in an annotated bibliography format.
• You must also locate and include on this bibliography at least one book (or book chapter) that deals with your topic.
• It will be acceptable to include more book sources and fewer periodical articles; however, no more than one internet source – webpage/site, materials published solely in electronic format on the World Wide Web – will be accepted.
• in Modern Language Association (MLA) format – that includes approximately four to six sentences summarizing each of the articles included.

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