Gandhi and Hinduism or Gandhi and religion

Go to the library or search the MSMU library database online and find a scholarly journal article that discusses the Gandhi and Hinduism or Gandhi and religion. Select a journal article that meets the following requirements.

Must be peer-reviewed.

Must be from 1997-2018.

The must not be a book review. (However, reading reviews only for background understanding is helpful.) 4. Annotated the one journal article you selected. Annotations must be at least one paragraph of a summary. (It can be more if you prefer) Also, annotations must answer the questions– What is the author’s name? What is the title of the article? When was it published? What is the article about? What’s the author’s main point? What struck you about the article? Or what was interesting? Or what was surprising? What, if anything, did you disagree with? Or what, if anything, offended you and why?

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