Gandhi (1982) : film questionsсrіpt=gandhi Read the screenplay of Gandhi (1982) (Links to an external site.) at Screenplays For You (Links to an external site.).

Alternatively and even better, though not free, rent and watch the film through YouTube, your local library, or another source like or AmazonPrime Video. (I don′t think it′s available on Netflix though.)

Give yourself 3-4 hours to watch the film. After either reading the screenplay or watching the film, answer the following questions: Describe a scene from the film that stands out in your mind. Explain why the scene struck you. Based on the film, what scene illustrated a life-changing moment in Gandhi′s life and/or work? Explain how it does? In the film, Gandhi stated, ″An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.″ Give your reflection on what he meant by this statement. Also, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the statement and why. If you had a chance to ask Gandhi′s wife Kasturba (who he referred to as ′Ba′) a question, what would you ask her (either about her role in the movement, her marriage, or anything)? Explain why you would ask that question. If you had a chance to ask Gandhi a question, what would you ask him (either about Hinduism or his experience as “Mahatma” or anything)? Why would you ask him that question? What other comments do you have about the film?

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