Gamecorp( Hypothetical Business )

Paper details:I attached my first two papers on this hypothetical business.

Social media strategies can be a vital part of a marketer’s promotional plan. This week you will write a 500-word blog for the hypothetical business that you created for this course. The content will build on the message, only with more detail to engage your target audience.

First, to increase the “searchability” of your business, you will need to incorporate key words into your blog. A key word is a word(s) that your consumer will use to search for a business. Choose 5 specific key words that are relevant to your business. More specific and targeted key words will help your consumer find you faster and more efficiently. Tell us what these 5 key words are.
Second, choose a topic that is relevant to your target audience that is engaging but NOT SELLING. What do they need to know? What do they want to know? How can your blog provide value to your target customer?
Third, start writing. Incorporate all 5 of your keywords in your blog. Incorporate other quality information in your blog, remember to give credit to the original author and include a link in your blog. Show your thought leadership here to tell your customers something they may not already know. Remember that you are not selling. You are having a conversation that should be interesting enough to encourage your target customer to learn more about your hypothetical business.

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