Future Operating Environment

Paper details:

See “Future Operating Environment” attached for breakdown and base sources. ** PAPER MUST ADHERE TO ATTACHED FORMAT**

The Project will demonstrate your ability to analyze and synthesize discipline specific material. For this project, you will be writing a Future Operating Environment Scenario (paper), National Security White Paper, and a National Security Strategy Presentation. The Project incorporates the Future Operating Environment Scenario paper into the National Security White Paper and the National Security Strategy Presentation is based on the National Security White Paper. Future Operating Environment Scenario The Future Operating Environment Scenario paper is your conceptualization of the future operating environment. The future operating environment is your analysis of and forecast for the world in 15-30 years. Your conceptualization of the future is based on your analysis of the long- and short-term trends in four focus areas: technology, the international system, governance, and conflict. Required Format — Please adhere to the required format so that I can focus on the substance of your work instead of its format

A minimum number of sufficient references is at least two per section (i.e., provide references to at least two credible/scholarly sources of information/evidence for each of either the Four Focus Areas: Technology, the International System, Governance, and Conflict

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