Full-glacial paleosols in perennially frozen loess sequences, Klondike goldfields, Yukon Territory, Canada

Paper details:

This is a fourth year undergrad geology course about permafrost and cold region. The writer need to have a geology background. This presentation need to summary ONE paper, the paper is provided below. NO other paper or other reference can be used.

For the power point part, four papes need to dicuss the following four section, respectively:
Page 1: Intro and background
Page 2: Scientific method
Page3: Result
Page 4: discussion and conclusion

The power point need to cover necessary details with key figures and tables.

For the speaker note part: Please use the heading of “intro””method”,etc. as the heading of each paragraph so that I can identify which part it is talking about. Please note that I am an ESL student and I am not able to use speaker note when I am doing the presentation, so I have to memorize everything. Please don’t use the sentences or words that is too complicated. If you could finish this task earlier that will be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your time! please let me know if you cannot access this paper.

Sanborn, P.T., Smith, C.A.S., Froese, D.G., Zazula, G.D., and Westgate, J.A., 2006, Full-glacial paleosols in perennially frozen loess sequences, Klondike goldfi elds, Yukon Territory, Canada: Quaternary Research, v. 66, p. 147-157.

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