FSMA as my High School

Who am I what do I believe in, what is my purpose for being here, and where do I want to be. These questions are the driving force behind my life and the person who I am. I believe that these very simple but thought-provoking questions are the driving force behind everything I do.
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What do I believe in? What are my core values? One of my core values is to strive to be as educated as possible. Education is essential in life since it gives individuals the aptitudes and apparatuses they have to explore the world. Without training, individuals would not have the capacity to peruse, compose, ascertain or impart; they would likewise not have the capacity to perform occupations skillfully, precisely and securely. Training additionally instructs individuals about the world in which they live, including data about history, theory, and culture. Advanced education helps in keeping up a sound society which plans human services experts, taught medicinal services buyers and keeping up the solid populace. Instruction is a significant part of the improvement of any cutting edge society since if there is a shortage of taught individuals then society will its further advancement. The government should give careful consideration to training and bolster it monetarily and ethically everywhere throughout the nation.
Education is the best investment for the general population since accomplished individuals have more chances to land a position which gives them fulfillment. Instructed people appreciate regard among their partners and they can viably add to the advancement of their nation and society by creating new gadgets and revelations.
My other core value is the idea of trying to be as sophisticated as possible. Sophistication is more than just dressing and acting a certain way, sophistication is a way of life. If you are sophisticated than people will enjoy being around you. You will also experience a greater appreciation for looking good and using good strong vocabulary.
These core values are the reason I am here at FSMA(First State Military Academy).
FSMA is the place where I believe that I will have the best chance to become a highly educated sophisticated person. FSMA has challenging classes to create educated people while as giving the discipline that is required to become a sophisticated person. When I was looking at high schools to go to I couldn’t find any that were challenging as well as being disciplined. I thank God that I didn’t up at some of these big public schools because there is no school I would rather be at then FSMA. FSMA is the school that will give me the at the brightest future.
While here at FSMA I want to work on my ability to create long-lasting friendships. When I was younger I moved around a lot and this resulted in me going to nine different schools, so I never learned how to make long lasting friendships. When I start out at FSMA I didn’t really associate with anyone. Once I found my friends or my ‘tribe” as my family likes to say it made school so much more enjoyable for me. Know that I have this tribe I want to create friendships that go beyond high school and be friendships that could last a lifetime.
FSMA is a great place that is going to give me the best chance at a great future. When I graduate I would like to go to a college with NROTC, so that I will people to finish college and go into the Marine Corps as a officer. Currently, I am looking at three places, The United States Naval Academy, Vanderbilt University and George Washington University. While in college I would like to major in history and possible in finance or business. The rest I haven’t quite worked out yet, but as of right now I want to serve in the Marine Corps for twenty years then become a college history professor with tenure. This is the brightest future that I can image and possibly achieve.
In summary, my core values of education and sophistication are the reason I choose FSMA as my high school. At FSMA I want to work on my ability to create long-lasting friendships that I have never had the opportunity to make before. In my future, I want to go to a college with NROTC and serve some time in the Marine Corps. This is who I am and who I want to be.

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