Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

HOTEL TOPIC: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Write about a CRM program for a company, modeled from an organization that your consider to deliver excellent service and perhaps, noteworthy CRM. Choose a service organization in the hospitality or tourism sector not already identified in the syllabus or written about in past assignment, and apply knowledge acquired from this course to the selected organization in the form of a 10pages term paper exclusive of references, tables or diagrams.
The paper should include why you rate them as a “good” services management model (legendary service organization?) as well as provide evidence of their CRM standards and practices including but not limited to, how they evaluate, reflect and/or assess the measurement of their service delivery and /or CRM along with any instruments or metrics that they may use.
The Term Paper should contain a minimum of ten references. Five (5) from journal articles, and should be cited in the body of the paper. The Paper should consist of the following sections:
Literature review (LR)
Detailed discussion of CRM metrics (found in the LR)

This is a guide lines

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Essay— ready sample

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