Ford Motor Company – Pinto car defect

  • Select and research ONE of the following companies (Ford Motor Company – Pinto car defect) that has been in the news for an ethical dilemma. about this company’s ethical dilemma and resulting ethical failure, according to the following instructions.
  • 1. Introduce the company (e.g. name, type of business, its corporate structure);
  • 2. Define and explain the ethical dilemma with pertinent facts; this includes why it is an ethical issue; clearly define the dilemma; be clear as to the company’s ethical choices – the one the company chose and at least one other, different, choice;
  • 3. Identify, define and explain an ethical framework that supports the choice/action the company made.
  • 4. Identify, define and explain another ethical framework that the company leadership could have utilized in this situation and explain how utilization of this ethical framework would have led to a different result. Explain specifically how the company effectively could have employed this framework.
  • 5. Recommend: Lessons learned. What lessons can business management leaders learn from this case study for the management of business operations? Recommend and explain at least one business practice.
  • Ford Motor Company – Pinto car defect – Beginning informational source:
  • The Pinto memo: “It’s cheaper to let them burn!”
  • slides PowerPoint presentation that includes

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