First War about Raw Materials

First War about Raw Materials

Production of raw materials had a crucial role in World War II. During this historical nightmare, the industrial capacity determined the influence a nation had. Nations that were more industrialized emerged to be the superpowers and demanded a lot of respect from the third world countries. World War II can be described as the first war about raw materials since it was dominated by advanced missiles that were produced in industrial plantations. Production of these weapons required raw materials, the critical resource being oil. Oil was essential than it was in World War I as most of the arsenals used depended on it (Offord 19). This rare mineral was the major weakness of German, but Allies such as the US had it in plenty. Oil is an essential raw material that was used for various industries such as manufacturing, locomotives among others. By possessing a significant share of the scarce resource, it meant superiority over all the other nations worldwide.

Even the alliances made among countries were made on the grounds of who possessed a particular resource and in what quantity (Bennett 761). A nation that held plenty of resources could quickly earn powerful and loyal associates. For instance, the United States was among the most potent Allies since it was a well-endowed country. It did not over rely on other nations for essential raw materials. On the other hand, Germany was weakened further during the war after it lost the oil fields it ones colonized (Davis 283). Regarding these facts describing World War II as the first about raw materials is accurate. Raw materials became important as most of the weapons used in combat are produced in industries, which use or run on copper, oil, steel among other natural materials.

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