FIR 121 Lesson 16 Final Course Project

Paper details:Each student is required to complete a descriiptive research report, in APA format discussing the role of combustion processes and fire behavior as they relate to the MGM Grand Hotel Fire including:

• Describe the origin of the fire, including the classification of fire.
• Describe how fuel packages influenced fire spread.
• Describe how heat transfer impacted the spread of fire.
• Describe the influence of smoke in the outcome of this event.
• Describe how pyrolysis and the flammability limits impacted fire growth and
• Discuss how the fire plume and ceiling jet influenced fire spread.
• Discuss the movement of fire gases moved throughout the structure.
• Discuss the role of water as a fire suppression agent as it relates to this event.
• What role did computational modeling of fires play in the investigation of this event.
• Offer a meaningful conclusion section summarizing your findings regarding combustion processes and fire behavior as they relate to this event.

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