find the costs and benefits for whatever solutions you choose

It is your job to find these costs and benefits for whatever solutions you choose. Then, analyze each solution’s costs and benefits to determine which is the best solution. Remember when considering costs and benefits, they go far beyond dollar values (e.g. loss or gain of jobs, land use, recreation, convenience, public health, habitat loss or gain, pollution, etc.).

Include a slide with the title of your presentation, then an introduction slide describing the environmental problem. The main body of the presentation should describe the solutions and the costs/benefits to the proposed solution and give recommendations based on your cost/benefit analysis. Be sure to use APA style citations and include a reference slide.

Please use the attached outline (see other file attached to order) to create the slides.

2 introduction slides

2 solution slides

3 cost/benefit slides with at least 4 costs and 4 benefits associated with both solutions.

2 recommendation slides. with a clear, concise argument for the recommended solution. Argues for better solution based on analysis of costs and benefits.

Includes references slide with correct APA format and 5 or more sources.

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