Financial Responsibility Policy

Paper details:

Throughout Unit 5, you have learned about the various elements of claim adjudication. For this assignment, you will apply those elements to create a policy for a new private practice.

Audience: Employees of “Miller Primary Care Associates,” a multi-physician private practice group.
Length & Format: Approximately 2 pages in length; format should include use of headings (provided below) separating sections. One paragraph per heading, minimum. Microsoft Word templates may be used.
Include the following as headings for your policy: Claim Rejections and Denials, Aging Report Analysis, Remittance and Financial Responsibility, Communication of Patient Responsibility, and Recovery Management Protocol.
Under each heading, provide a one paragraph policy statement. This policy will guide billing staff, physicians, managers, etc.
Professional voice should be used throughout. Avoid “I” statements, or any indications of personal opinion.
Other info:

Research policy manuals to gain understanding of appropriate layout, design, and voice. You will also need to research the various elements of the claim adjudication process, and any policies that align with what you are creating.

References: On a separate page, list any references used to create the policy.

Document in Word document (.doc/.docx) or PDF format

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