financial management wk 3

financial management wk 3

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For the assigned company, prepare a working capital analysis (adequacy of amounts of working capital, cash conversion cycle, and financing strategy). Remember, working capital is current assets and is not to be confused with net working capital, which is current assets minus current liabilities. Please read the attached Intro file and download on your computer two Excel models provided below. The first Excel model is a tool to examine Working Capital Financing Strategy. The second Excel model contains calculations of Cash Conversion Cycle. You will enter the required information for your assigned company into the yellow cells. Please attached both Excel files completed for your assigned company to your answers. Please don’t forget to analyze the results you received using these two models.
/content/enforced/240316-M_001119-01-2175/1 Examining WC Fin Strategy Intro 0916.docx

/content/enforced/240316-M_001119-01-2175/2 Examining Working Capital Financing 1215.xlsx

/content/enforced/240316-M_001119-01-2175/3 Cash Conversion Cycle 030615.xls

2. What are the most important things that you learned from the study of this week’s readings and assignments? Remember to always include appropriate references.

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