Financial Leadership

Paper details: -Create a 10-12-slide PowerPoint presentation that communicates a leadership plan to address financial gaps within your organization.
-To remain viable, health care organizations need leaders who can meet financial targets by effectively leading their teams. Whether you work for a nonprofit, for-profit, or government facility, financial goals and targets will influence your leadership priorities. These internal benchmarks, when considered with respect to finite, available resources, create leadership challenges for maintaining fiscal and clinical balance. You may recall a quote from Irene Krause, who started the idea of “No Margin, No Mission.” So, regardless of what your corporate structure might be, all leaders must contribute towards the financial health and profit margin of the organization.

Before you create and submit your deliverables, complete the following:
1. Revisit the environmental analysis conducted in Assessment 1. If you did not conduct a PEST analysis in Assessment 1, consider the possibility of conducting one now to examine the larger industry context in which your organization’s financial forecast is developed.
You can use the PEST Analysis Template [DOC] to help guide your analysis.
2. Select and identify two financial targets for your department, along with the performance indicators and measurements. For example: x% compliance with coding, 90% + rating for patient satisfaction scores (on a 1–5 scale), 5% profit margin for service line Y, and so on.
3. Look for professional or scholarly journal articles on characteristics of effective team leaders and strategies for leading effective teams. You will need a minimum of five articles to use as resources for this assessment.
This assessment has two parts.

Part 1: PowerPoint Presentation.
Part 2: Audio Recording.
Read the requirements for each part carefully.

Part 1: PowerPoint Presentation
Create a PowerPoint presentation you could present to internal executive stakeholders. The presentation needs to briefly and succinctly communicate your leadership plan to address financial gaps you have identified within your department.

Organize your PowerPoint slides in a way that makes sense for your organization. Be sure your slides include the following elements:

An overview of the environmental analysis from Assessment 1, with a financial focus.
The two identified financial targets for your department, along with the performance indicators and measurements.
A gap analysis of financial targets versus YTD performance or goal attainment. Include your observations, trends, and insights.
An evidence-based leadership plan to address the identified gaps.
Analyze the organizational culture and strategic direction, along with strategies for leading your departmental team that consider your strengths and are supported by credible professional resources. You may include team incentives such as profit sharing, or other benefits (tuition reimbursement, seminars, software, HFMA memberships, and other incentives) to motivate your team.
Include your leadership style, the method that you use or will use with your team, and inclusion of evidence-based leadership approaches.
You may choose to organize your slides in the following fashion:

Cover slide: Topic, course, your name, name of the organization this would be for, and date.
Objective: Example – “Leadership plan to support goal attainment of organizational targets.” Customize to fit your needs.
Environmental Analysis (1–3 slides): SWOT analysis from Assessment 1 synthesized down to 3–5 bullet points with salient, high-impact, relevant points. You may also wish to conduct a PEST analysis to help inform your development of points.
You may wish to make use of the PEST Analysis Template, if you wish.
Related Scoring Scoring Guide Criteria:
​​Identify financial targets, including performance indicators and measurements, for a department within a health care organization.
Organizational Directive: Your two identified financial targets, along with performance indicators and measures.
Related Scoring Guide Criteria:
​Identify financial targets, including performance indicators and measurements, for a department within a health care organization.
Gap Analysis: Actual versus target variance, followed by your observations and insights (3–4 bullet points).
Related Scoring Guide Criteria:
Analyze gaps in financial targets versus YTD performance or goal attainment for a department within a health care organization.
Leadership Plan (2–4 slides): 2–4 evidence-based recommendations, including your strategies for leading your team; your leadership approach; and methods, metrics, insights, and observations.
Related Scoring Guide Criteria:
​Propose a leadership plan to close identified financial gaps for a department within a health care organization.
Analyze evidence-based strategies of effective team leadership in a plan to motivate team members to achieve departmental financial targets within a health care organization.
References: Include authoritative sources only. Use numbered footnotes in your slides. Follow APA format for references.
Related Scoring Guide Criteria:
​Develop a presentation that is clear, concise, well-organized, and appropriate for internal stakeholders.
Other: You may certainly choose to add graphics and special effects, but these additions will not impact your evaluation either positively or negatively.
Additional Requirements
Structure: Include a title slide and reference slide.
Length (Part 1): 10–12 slides.
Duration of audio recording (Part 2): 10–15 minutes.
References: At least five current scholarly or professional resources.
Format: APA format for references and citations only.
Font: Use a font that is consistent with the expectations of your organization, for example, Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.


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