Finance, my concept is investment

Paper details:This is for my english class, the essay requirement is to choose one concept from our major.

Explanation of a concept: Defining a key term in your subject area

Write a short essay (minimum 400 words) defining and explaining a key concept in your major. In your explanation, you should:

Quote two different definitions of the term from different sources and comment on how it is defined, highlighting the key concepts involved.
Explain the different aspects or types of this concept and/or how the term is related to other concepts.
Explain the significance of the term for your major.
Use the term to describe an example from the local context and/or from your own experience.

Your Definition Submission should:

be written in clear, accurate, academic English.
include evidence from 3 reliable sources.
contain clear in-text citations of your sources in APA style.
include a clear references list in APA style at the end of your paper.

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