Film analysis Paper

Paper details:

1. Review the film analysis paper instructions.

2. Review the grading rubric for the film analysis paper.

3. Using Microsoft Word, create a complete draft of your film analysis essay.

4. A complete draft will be at least 6 pages long and address all parts of the assignment instructions.

5. Upload the rough draft in docx format only, which means use Microsoft Word to create your document. Do not use Google docs to create your draft. Converting from Google docs frequently results in formatting issues and incomplete pages, which can affect your grade. This is the same format for the final essay/analysis paper.Once your draft is uploaded, I will assign you a classmate for peer review.If no rough draft is submitted, there will be no opportunity to participate in the peer review process. Rough drafts must be submitted on time. I cannot delay the entire class receiving their peer partners because I am waiting for late submissions.

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