Field Trip Report

The New York Hall of Science is a museum that has a good reputation when to it comes to science and technology. The numerous exhibits found in the museum are not only educational, but they are also fun. Therefore opting to visit NYHS will inevitably remind you of the classic science display that is educative about music and light.

For instance during my visit to the “Seeing the Light” in the Central Pavillion of the museum it brought me closer in exploring the sense of light and understand how man sees.  By visiting the site, one learns how the human eye perceives light and color. Surprisingly at times what think to have seen is not always actually there. Through this exhibition, visitors discern how the eye coordinates with the brain in providing a person with information about their surroundings. Seeing the Light offers a variety of opportunities to look at how shadows are made and explore optical illusions that play mind games with the eye.

Additionally, from this exhibition, more clarity is done on the effects of light on various kinds of materials. For instance, opaque objects will absorb light, both transparent and translucent allow light to pass through them but as for a translucent material the light is distorted. Another display that was interesting was the “Reflection Study.” It is based on a series of software explorations of how light bounces. Here one can understand how the dispersion of light is responsible for producing colors of the rainbow. I found it amusing how techniques such as caustics and refraction make it possible to paint with light. In the exhibition, human gestures are coded into ways that give life to drawings.

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