Fiction Analysis: Amy Tan, “A Pair of Tickets”

  • Type: Analytical essay
  • Subject: English 101
  • Style: MLA
  • Number of pages: 4 pages/double spaced (1100 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 3
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Order instructions:1. Be sure to read the literary terminology from this link. This link may help you decide which elements to include in your essay. Literary Terms // Purdue Writing Lab
2. Pick one of the stories listed below. You cannot write about one of the stories we have discussed in class. (“A pair of Tickets” short story by Amy tan)
3. Your introduction should briefly summarize the story. You can include biographical information about the author ONLY in your first paragraph, and you MUST cite this source according to MLA format. The rest of your essay should focus on specific literary elements contained in the story. For instance, you might discuss characters, point of view, descriptive language, dialogue, setting, flashbacks, voice, and/or themes. You do not have to comment on each of these elements, but be sure focus on elements that are particularly noteworthy in the story you have picked.
4. Your conclusion should contain your personal response to the story. The conclusion is the ONLY area where you can use the “I” perspective. In the rest of your essay, use a formal tone.
5. Do NOT use Spark Notes, GradeSaver or other types of summaries. Use better research-based sources from our online library or from other colleges.
6. Do use quotes from the short story to back up your assertions about literary terms. Format your essay according to MLA format.
7. Your essay should be a minimum of 1,100 words and a maximum of 1,600 words in length.
8. Upload this essay to blackboard.
9. Use a minimum of two sources and a maximum of five sources, and cite according to MLA format.
This are the profesor instructions

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