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Paper details: The United States Department of Labor has a website that helps you identify major employment laws likely to apply to your business. The website contains a series of questions about your business and employees. Once you complete these questions, a list of applicable laws will be generated. In order to answer the questions, Sally has provided you with the following information:
The nature of the business is Accommodation and food services. There will be between 50 and 99 employees and more than 50 employees will work within a 75-mile radius of the restaurant. I do plan to hire employees with a disability certified by the Department of Labor (DOL). I also will be hiring foreign workers with Permanent Employment (Permanent Alien Employment Certification).

The restaurant will not be working with a labor organization or labor relations consultant. Nor does it have any type of arrangement to organize, bargain collectively, or form a union.

We do have a pension plan and we offer our employees a health benefits plan.

The restaurant currently has a federally assisted contract valued over $100,000. The nature of the contract is Federal services. The contract does not have any specified clauses.

Answer the below questions using this website.


1. Can you administer a lie detector test of an employee?

2. If a contractor works over 40 hours, how much should they be paid?

3. What form must be submitted with payroll?

4. Who protects employees from being discharged because their wages have been garnished?

5. How long does any employee need to work for the employer before they are eligible for the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993?

6. What is the maximum fine an employer may get if convicted of a willful violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act?

7. What are the two regulatory functions assigned to OSHA by the Occupational Safety and Health Act?

8. Who administers the employee “whistleblower” protection provisions?

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