Federal Financial Aid in Higher Education Illustration Post

Paper details:

Upload an illustration of an idea/concept/development covered in this module (this weeks reading and materials will be provided). Use the higher education news streams through credible sources (Inside Higher Ed, Chronicle of Higher Education, platforms of associations, agencies, and government, newsletters, podcasts, etc.) to showcase a finance situation/development/structure/issue/problem/trend that was identified in the readings. Use articles and or easily accessible journals and sites. In your upload, provide the link to the source and summarize the developments in the source, then summarize the concept/idea that you are learning about from the readings, and explain how the situation illustrates this idea. Creativity and quality of posting will be highly valued.

I provided an example of what one looks like and more resources from this week. Use articles and or easily accessible journals and sites. Make sure you provide an illustration!!! Where every you get the image, your essay should really be based around referencing some of the provided sources.

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