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Details for Assignment:
You are the grant writer for a public library. You along with a team are looking at whether or not to develop/create/provide a STEM Learning Lab for all ages. This Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Learning Lab will provide a lot of hands-on educational opportunities for the community. The grant total $20,000. However, you are responsible to match that amount by half ($10,000). The library board has asked you and your team to develop a feasibility study/report on STEM Learning in Public Libraries. They want to know the relevance behind it, look at what other places have done, and more. Ultimately they want to see that by spending $10,000 out of the general budget to help fund this project will be worth the investment. What might you add in that lab or suggest the board add since they will have to provide a match?
Develop a feasibility report that discusses all of this and more ( as listed below). Make sure that you choose a side at the end to state whether or not this is a doable project.
(For clarification: The library annual budget ranges between $200,000 to $240,000. This should just let you know that it is a mid size library. Donors are great to help fund projects they find worthy. The library board is interested in innovation that will carry them into the future)
Feel free to utilize the information provided in the topic folder – pdfs, articles, ect.
You will need to add to these findings and sources. Please use the library website to find databases, ect. Please note what constitutes as good sources and bad sources.
ESSAY WRITING NOTES: The feasibility report should include the following components:
An introduction that explains the general topic area and ends with a thesis (your recommendation)
A literature review section that summarizes relevant articles
A recommendation section that explains whether you believe the subject matter is feasible or not
A conclusion summarizing key findings
THE WRITING ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES: The essay should be submitted in APA format; see APA tab in A Writer’s Reference. The essay should summarize multiple sources (assigned readings). The essay length should be five to six full pages. The essay will include the title, abstract, and reference pages, however they will not count toward the overall page count.
For example: A report of five pages with the title, abstract and reference will be a report turned in with eight pages total – 5 for the content of the assignment and three for the other pages required per APA style.

use the attached pdfs for the ciations and Please see attachments for articles to get you started.

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