EXSC 710 Project- Development of a Behavioral Physical Activity Intervention

Due Date:

Development of your Intervention

All students are to develop an original behavioral physical activity intervention using information learned in class over the semester. The physical activity intervention should be completely unique and not replicate an intervention discussed in class or in the literature.

Physical activity interventions must cover the following components:

  • Name of your activity intervention
  • Target population (e.g., adults >65 years with Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Setting of your intervention (e.g,. Alzheimer’s Special Care Residential Center)
  • Determining if your intervention is effective:
    • Physical activity outcome (e.g., minutes/week of aerobic moderate intensity physical activity)
    • How and when your physical activity outcome will be measured (e.g., Actigraph accelerometer at baseline and 1 year) – Choose method from Sylvia 2014 article.
  • Theory guiding your physical activity intervention (e.g., Social Cognitive Theory)
  • Description of your physical activity intervention
    • Must include multiple behavior change techniques from BCTTv1 (use italics) and which theoretical construct each behavior change technique targets (underline) (e.g. Goal setting [behavior] à self-control of performance)
  • Statement of why this intervention is significant

Make sure each component mentioned above is very specific and detailed, yet brief. Physical activity interventions should be presented on a single Power Point slide. Do not use a font size smaller than 20.  Interventions on more than 1 slide will not be accepted. The template and an example are posted on Blackboard. 

The single slide should be submitted on Blackboard by Wednesday, March 23rd 2022 by 11:59 PM.

Each intervention will be evaluated on the following:

  • Effectiveness – potential of the intervention to positively change physical activity behaviors in the target population
    • Will this intervention actually change the PA outcome that it is targeting?
  • Overall Impact – likelihood for the project to exert a sustained, powerful influence on the research or communities involved
    • Based on who it is targeting and how effective the intervention is, what kind of impact will it have on the community and field?
  • Significance – does this intervention address an important problem in the field, taking into account the target behavior, population, and potential effects of the intervention.
    • How important is PA for the population it is targeting?
  • Innovation – how the intervention, design, or population are novel to ones field of reach or to the community.
    • How innovative, creative, and exciting is this intervention?   

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