Exploring Ergonomic and Stretching Intervention for Musculoskeletal Health

Paper details:

Research paper is part of a master’s nursing research course that is building on an ongoing paper. Writer will build on the “Synthesis of Literature” portion. Paper focus is on injury prevention for the individual/patient (pertaining to the nurse practitioner role) involving ergonomic intervention and stretching to decrease overall injuries and improve quality of life. Research paper has been started (introduction, framework theorist, critique of literature) with provided research articles that MUST be referred to and used for continued synthesis of literature. Please make sure in the Synthesis section you are discussing the findings by synthesizing (or grouping) the information based on the themes you found that answered the PICOT question. Also note other findings that were common (more than one study) that were different or not related to PICOT. Singular citations should be eliminated or avoided unless the findings are extreme differences than the multiple other studies.

I have created a Literature Review Matrix that includes all of the articles that need to be referred to. Further research articles can be added to support but must support topic. I will provide rubric as well as Youtube recorded professor instruction on how to guide the section “Synthesis of Literature”. https://youtu.be/SVYsWBPFmJA

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