explain the role of social relations in studying social phenomena

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First, based on the textbook by Scott (2017), describe the fundamental differences between relational data (e.g., mutual friendship, trust) and attribute data (e.g., individual income, race). What examples and evidence do the JS textbook and supplementary materials available on Canvas provide for the usefulness of relational data in studying social phenomena? Second, using the concept of “centrality,” explain why, in general, people in particular locations of social networks have better access to scarce resources in life (e.g., new job opportunity, social support). Your explanation must be based on the structure of social relations, not individual characteristics. Sources – To support your essay, you must cite the contents in the textbook and two or more supplementary materials available on Canvas. Citations – You must directly quote relevant concepts and statements in the textbooks to support your essay. The total number of direct quotations must be at least five. Do not quote two or more sentences at a time. All direct quotations must be in double quotation marks with the author’s last name, year of publication, and page number(s) added (e.g., “… directly quoted statement…” (Wellman 1988:10-11). Essay Format: (NO cover page), Substantive Title, name, essay, and references

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