Explain the five project management process groups


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Below are the general instructions for the team, I am completing:
Department of Health and Human Services – Wendy I only need 2 slides completed with notes. I am attaching the power point template to the order. Please make sure you use it, Thank you

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for one of the selected areas in the renovation of your facility. Your presentation should:
Explain how the five project management process groups would be applied to the planning, design, and construction so as to incorporate the area you selected above.
Explain the local, state, and federal legal and regulatory requirements for the area you selected. Consider the following agencies:
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Joint Commission
Your state’s health planning and development agency
Department of Health and Human Services – Wendy
Explain the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that will be used in your renovated facility. – LaLoni
Consider the stakeholders that may play a role in the SOPs. – LaLoni
Detail the steps in an implementation plan (Gantt chart) for the area selected based on the five project management process groups. – Maria
Explain budget planning and cost estimates for incorporating the area you selected into the renovated facility. – Maria

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