Executive Summary


Executive Summary

Paper details:

Hi — Please write an Executive Summary detailing the Supply Chain Management. This project has four-part which the summary should cover:
1). Final paper 5 pages in length, detailing your findings relational to SCM, a SWOT analysis, and your projections for the future.
2). A brief video 5 minutes using the platform of your choice to highlight your findings and culmination of the SCM process within your company.
3). A presentation regarding the process, the relevance to SCM, why they selected the company they did, and what they learned throughout the process.
4). Executive Summary

The company for my project is Subway Restaurant.

Remember, this is only an executive summary of the final project which is on Subway Restaurant.

Please see the definition of an Executive Summary: An executive summary is a brief overview. It’s a section that grabs the reader’s attention and summarizes critical information regarding your company overview and upcoming short-term and long-term goals. Ultimately, the executive summary is meant to inform readers of the most important information in your business plan, so they don’t have to read it all and can get caught up quickly.

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