Excess or Social and Political

The comic film ‘This is Spinal Tap’ directed by Rob Reiner was released in early 1984. It was a fictional movie based on the life of an ideal heavy metal band in Britain. Although it came up way early before television styled up, it is ranked among best music-related films.  The film is favored by most music lovers primarily because it sampled musicians in all genres.

The film best aligned with the history of rock music by the circumstances and songs it portrayed.  For instance, the music journey of the British group is shown as it began in childhood and later transitioned to metal in the late 70’s (Lehmann, Fraser, Buscemi, Sandler, Reiner, Guest, and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment). The film well depicts valuing and loving music to have been the origin of the band’s desire for the conventional rock and roll way of life. Additionally, the films soundtrack being played by heavy metal posers’ best showed how its creators we well informed with rock music.

The origin of rock music is mostly believed to lie in the social. From ancient times music was used by man as a unifying language. Groups were quickly brought together through music and thrived compared to those who went solo (Nehring). It is evident that this aspect groups in music survived to the present times, and it is for this reason that rock music is remembered and will be for generations to come. 

In conclusion, Rock music has also fused with political affairs and acted as a catalyst for movements seeking change. Music that has a message does well in a live setting. Most politically conscious rock artist has always tried to transform the energy in their concerts to be a bit productive. Such outcomes that have come from such concerts cannot be forgotten, and fans always pay homage to it.

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