Examples of a Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

Despite the struggle that most people undergo to improve their writing skills, one should not let this be intimidating. When heading for greatness, the path is often rough, and with a lot of hurdles and through persistence and consistency, the final destination is reached. For a great editor, the first objective is clarity in the manner in which your ideas are presented. Avoiding ambiguity becomes easy with practice and believing in your writing technique. I have always had a passion for literature, and improving my writing skills has always been my ambition. Improvement in my writing skills can be noted from the substantial content in my essays which is attributed to the proper flow of ideas.

Before a person engages himself or herself in something, an incentive of some kind on the subject matter is crucial. It is this incentive that gives the inner drive or desire to work towards attaining an objective. Some time back, whenever I wrote an essay, I did not feel motivated enough, and as a result, I used to have a hard time concentrating. Although I knew what to write, ideas did not flow as I wanted them to do. It was hard for anyone that read my essay to get the intended impression. Therefore I took it upon myself to seek the perfect motivation to match my imagination. I found inspiration from reading great writers’ essays and asking them questions. Luckily, my efforts have borne fruits over the quarter as I now feel motivated and ideas flow nicely. Also, readers who have gone through my work can witness I no longer beat along the bush. For instance, in recent argumentative essays, I wrote the lecturer congratulated me for not only showing the stand I took on the topic but for also trying to convince those of contrary opinion why they should sway side.

Most people believe that to learn to be a good writer, you must be a reader. A lot of reading exposes an editor to different writing techniques, vocabularies, and the use of certain phrases appropriately (Finch and Fafinski 215). Reading daily has helped improve my grammar which is the cradle of quality writing—applying the right wording where appropriate enables a writer to avoid filling up pages with wordless sentences. Having too long sentences not only makes your essay hard to read but also makes it annoying. I use the tenses appropriately and do not leave out the punctuation marks. Proper punctuation and paragraphs to break texts make an essay clear and fluent. Over the past quarter, I have learned this and have been applying these concepts to my work.

Just like me, I believe most writers have had to face the challenge of sentence errors. To overcome this problem, I have had to be proofreading my writing at least twice. At times it is possible for a person to either make leave out punctuation make or spell a word wrong not because he or she does know the correct spelling, but just because the essay was written in a hurry and was not reviewed before submission. I always go through my composition more than once, and this has been helpful because it helps ensure that little erroneous tenses and general mistakes are eliminated. Finally, since self-improving is a constant process, there is always a need to develop strong content.

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