Evidence based nursing paper on whether double checking medications reduces medication errors and patient harm

Type of paper: Research paper

Paper Format: APA

Paper details:


Describe why you selected this clinical or practice issue. Include desired outcomes.

Research Problem and Clinical Question

Support your problem/clinical question with the data that prompted the question.

Problem : For chemotherapy patients, does a nurse double check of medication, compared to no double check, reduce medication errors and patient harm?

Summarize the types of articles/research found including the demographic information like “research span” and general type of research conducted.
Compare and contrast the findings from each article.
Critical Appraisal of Evidence

Use all appropriate information from your matrices in the discussion of evidence. A summary of the findings must provide information on: what the literature says about the clinical issue. What are the recommendations for further research and/or practice change?

Summary and Implications for Nursing

Discuss implications for retaining or changing the practice or policy in your clinical setting based on the evidence.
Give a recommendation based on the above.

Articles used:

Schwappach, D., Pfeiffer, Y., & Taxis, K. (2016). Medication double-checking procedures in clinical practice: a cross-sectional survey of oncology nurses’ experiences. BMJ Open, 6.

Koyama AK, Maddox CS, Li L, et alEffectiveness of double checking to reduce medication administration errors: a systematic reviewBMJ Quality & Safety 2020;29:595-603.

Kalo K, Karius D, Bena JF, Morrison SL, Albert NM. Chemotherapy Safety: Reducing Errors With a Nurse-Led Time-Out Process. Clin J Oncol Nurs. 2019 Apr 1;23(2):197-202. doi: 10.1188/19.CJON.197-202. PMID: 30880802.

Pfeiffer Y, Zimmermann C, Schwappach DLB. What do double-check routines actually detect? An observational assessment and qualitative analysis of identified inconsistencies. BMJ Open. 2020 Sep 17;10(9):e039291. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-039291. PMID: 32948574; PMCID: PMC7500291.

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