Evidence-Based Higher Education

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Analyze the article “Evidence-Based Higher Education – Is the Learning Styles ‘Myth’ Important?” What, if any, assumptions are inherent in the research? What, if any, biases are in the research and processes described? What additional research would you like to see in this area and why? Analyze the quality of this research in a short essay (5-7 pages), based on your own insights and other sources as appropriate.


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You as a Learner

                                        Who are you as a learner?  Create an overview of yourself as a learner, drawing from this page’s reading and viewing you have just done.

Draw a circle in the middle of a piece of paper, or use mind mapping software (such as bubbl.us or any free mind mapping tool). Put your name in the center. Draw lines out from the circle (like spokes on a wheel), and add additional circles and labels for each aspect of yourself as a learner. You can add descriiptions or action verbs on the lines. Each secondary circle can also have spokes and the circles can be connected.

After you complete your map and can see the connections, ask and answer the following questions:

How do you like to learn?

What types of learning activities do you like?

What learning strategies do you employ consistently?

Looking back on times when you were successful, what helped you?

What made/makes learning difficult for you?

After you ask and answer questions about your learning engagement, complete a learning portrait that offers a comprehensive explanation of you as a learner, making sure to address all of the questions above. You may create your learning portrait in one of the following ways:

a reflective essay (4-5 pages)

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