Evaluating Information with the CRAAP Test

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Part 1: Evaluating Information with the CRAAP Test
The CRAAP Test concept began at Merriam Library at California State University, Chico in 2010 as a cheeky acronym students could use by asking themselves a series of questions when evaluating a piece of information. The CRAAP Test rubric is designed to be a systematic approach to evaluating information regardless of the need. The framework guides a researcher in evaluating information on the five categories of currency, relevance, authority, accuracy & purpose.

Watch the videos and review the tutorial on the CRAAP Test.

Introduction of the CRAAP Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVqnamWs91I

CRAAP Test Tutorial: https://sc4.libwizard.com/f/craap

Video CRAAP Test in Action and Why use the CRAAP Test?: https://youtu.be/ieaCVPu6Zec

The CRAAP guideline can be used to evaluate articles, websites, movies, videos, books, presentations, and information etc. Sometimes not all of the catagories are present, try and make sure a majority of the catagories are touched upon. You can use this guide to assist you as a student and educator. Select one of the sources listed above and use the CRAAP Test to evaluate the source. This can be done as a (1) page evaluation in a Word document.

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