Ethnographic Report on a Musical Event

Paper details:

Your textbook as provided you with several “Case Studies” that include how to listen to music from other countries. I would like you to do a case study on live music in your own country or where you are currently. You must attend a local, live music event and write a response to the music you heard performed live. This could be anything from a performance in the street, in a coffee shop, at a concert, band, or choir. This Ethnographic assignment is due July 24 Sunday at midnight and posted on Blackboard.

This assignment will utilize some of the same research methods in “Studying Music: Observing and Participating” and writing about a brief fieldwork experience (p. 17). The goal is to create mini-musical ethnography. Take a small notebook with you, though you are the only one who will be able to judge whether it is appropriate to write notes during the event.[ Tips: Most important, write down everything you can recollect after the event before going to sleep that night. Expand on any notes you may have taken during the event. Don’t filter your experience at this time; simply write down everything you can remember. Later, when you return to your notes, you can choose what is relevant as you write more pointedly about the role of music in the event.] While witnessing and listening to this event, observe the goings-on as broadly as possible. Please answer the following.

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